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Pricing: Paid
Platform(s): Web
Launched: 2024-05-30
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Zikhara AI is an e-commerce content creator tool capable of designing infographics, product photos, Amazon A+ pages, and product descriptions with the help of AI. 

Launched in May 2024, the AI tool can be highly beneficial for e-commerce business owners, online sellers looking to improve their product listings, and marketers who want to automate content creation for e-commerce.

The company behind Zikhara AI is a privately held technology business headquartered in London. Amay Malkani, CEO, and Eleonora Soldati, the company’s COO, are among its founding members.

The tool’s monthly pricing starts at $24.99 for the Growth plan and goes up to $299.99 for the Pro plan. If you are an agency owner, you can negotiate with the company regarding charges.

And don’t worry if you don’t want to spend a penny before testing; the AI tool gives you 42 credits to test the platform.

Zikhara uses a credit system for content creation. Think of credits as money you spend. Here’s how many credits you need for each type of content:

  • Enhanced Brand Content (up to 7 sections): 15 Credits
  • Product Images (bundle of 4 images): 8 Credits
  • Product Video (per 30 seconds): 20 Credits
  • Product Infographics: 10 Credits
  • Media Creatives: 7.5 Credits
  • Additional Rendering (per graphic section): 0.1 Credit
  • AI-Powered Data Collection (per product): 0.1 Credit

Features and Benefits of  Zikhara AI

  • Automated Content Generation: Zikhara AI generates a variety of e-commerce content automatically with its AI engine, including product photos, infographics, product descriptions, and Amazon A+ content.
  • URL-Based Data Collection: The user-provided product URL can be used by the tool to obtain essential product information.
  • Customization and Editing: Users can modify text, fonts, images, and colors in AI-generated material to better fit their brand.
  • Bulk Uploading: Zikhara AI allows users to submit product data in large quantities, allowing the simultaneous generation of several content pieces.
  • Secure Storage: The platform stores media, created material, and product data securely on the platform.

How to Use Zikhara AI AI

Zikhara AI uses a simple three-step procedure to create content:

Step 1: Enter Product URL

By entering the URL of their product page, the user enables Zikhara AI to collect relevant product information.

Step 2: Verify Product Details

The program asks the user to confirm the information gathered about the product and allows any necessary changes or additions.

Step 3: Produce AI Content

Using product details as a basis, Zikhara AI creates personalized content automatically. The user can then review and edit the content as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zikhara AI legit?

Zikhara AI is an authentic tool. Its website and LinkedIn page provide details about the business and its offerings. However, there aren’t many reviews by the users to properly evaluate it.

How does Zikhara AI create marketing content?

Zikhara AI is trained on large datasets of e-commerce content. On submitting the product URL, the AI engine creates personalized content, such as product descriptions, infographics, product photos, and Amazon A+ material.

Is Zikhara AI available on smartphones?

The tool currently only has a web version, which you can access via web browsers on your smartphone.

Can I use Zikhara AI for free?

Zikhara AI does offer a free trial, but it’s not entirely free—you need to pay a $24.99 subscription fee to use it.

Is Zikhara AI’s content optimized for search engines?

While Zikhara AI aims to create engaging content, its content isn’t optimized for search engines (SEO).

Does Zikhara AI produce content that is free of plagiarism and copyright?

Zikhara AI ensures content is free of plagiarism and respects copyright. As a creator, you retain full copyright for all content, including texts, images, videos, and audio. However, it’s recommended to verify ownership and review the Terms and Conditions for detailed rights and usage information.

Can I customize the AI-generated content by Zikhara?

Zikhara offers numerous customization options, allowing you to enhance the AI-generated content, including text clarity, tone, style, layout, formatting, image replacement, and icon modification.

Is my product data safe?

Zikhara AI prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your product information. Their Privacy Policy explains the practices for the collection, usage, and protection of your personal and product information.

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