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Superhuman 2.0
Platform(s): Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome
Launched: 2024-06-26
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Superhuman 2.0 AI is an innovative email client designed for professionals to enhance productivity and simplify email workflows.

It enables users to respond to emails twice as fast, directly from their inboxes, saving over 4 hours every week. This equates to more than 10 million hours saved annually.

Superhuman 2.0 AI, created by Rahul Vohra, is the successor to its older version. It redefines email as a tool for collaboration and integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Gmail. It has earned a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from 98 users on Product Hunt for its innovative AI capabilities.

It is highly effective for professionals who extensively use email, emphasizing high-achieving teams in different industries such as finance, sales, and customer success.

The “Starter Plan” of the tool starts from $30 per user per month, providing you access to most of its premium features that help increase productivity and collaboration.

Features and Benefits of  Superhuman 2.0

Powered by OpenAI’s API, Superhuman 2.0 AI transforms the email experience with a wide range of capabilities:

Write with AI: Overcome writer’s block and save time by creating entire emails using simple prompts. Based on past emails, the AI adjusts to your writing style.

Split Inbox: Prioritize emails from teams, VIPs, or particular tools by automatically classifying incoming emails. This guarantees prompt responses to important communications.

Follow-up Reminders: Catch up on important emails later, you can set up reminders to follow up on them without missing them.

Instant Reply: Respond to emails with AI-generated contextual responses for in-the-moment discussions and speed up decision-making. This encourages a more collaborative and transparent workflow.

Snippets: Save and insert frequently used sentences, paragraphs, or complete emails to automate repetitious typing. For consistent messages, teams can also share snippets of content.

Read Statuses: Know the device type and time when recipients open email to make follow-ups more effective. It also allows team members to track status, improving communication transparency.

Auto Summarise: Get a condensed, one-line summary of each email thread, enabling you to grasp the main points without reading the entire exchange. This speeds up email processing in the inbox.

How Superhuman 2.0 Works

Here are the simple steps you can follow to use Superhuman AI after installing its Chrome extension or Windows app:

1. Register and Log in: Make an account and link it to your Outlook or Gmail account.

2. Explore Features: Use the help center or in-app tutorials to get acquainted with Superhuman AI features.

3. Get Started with AI: Make use of tools like “Write with AI,” which asks you to compose an email in response to a brief suggestion, or “Ask AI,” which enables you to rapidly locate specific information in your inbox.

4. Customise Settings: Modify options for functions such as “Follow-Up Reminders” for prompt replies or “Split Inbox” to prioritize key contacts.

5. Work as a Team: Make the most of team capabilities by exchanging email threads for collaborative review, leaving comments, and utilizing team read statuses to improve visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Superhuman save time?

Superhuman improves email efficiency with AI-powered features, keyboard shortcuts, split inbox, reusable templates, and follow-up reminders. These tools streamline tasks, save time, and prioritize critical emails, allowing users to focus on what matters most. 

How does Superhuman improve team collaboration?

Superhuman 2.0 improves team collaboration by offering features like shared read statuses, team reply indicators, live email sharing, and shared email templates. These tools ensure efficient communication, prevent duplicate replies, and maintain consistency in messaging, promoting efficient project progress.

What email providers are compatible with Superhuman?

Superhuman seamlessly integrates with both Gmail and Outlook, allowing you to use its powerful features with your existing email accounts.

Is my data secure with Superhuman?

Superhuman prioritizes data privacy with a Zero Day Data Retention agreement with OpenAI, minimal data logs for custom instructions, and opt-in AI features for complete control over user data, ensuring a secure and private email experience.

How much does Superhuman cost?

Superhuman offers different pricing plans to suit various needs, including options for individuals and teams. Its pricing plans start from $30 per user per month. For detailed pricing information check their official website.

Can I try Superhuman before committing to a subscription?

To try Superhuman before committing to a subscription, you can get $60 worth of free Superhuman by signing up at as a special offer to the Product Hunt community. 

What are people saying about Superhuman?

Users are praising Superhuman for its transformative impact on their email management and productivity. Many report significant time savings, improved responsiveness, and reduced email anxiety. Customers appreciate the user-friendly interface, AI-powered features, and seamless team collaboration tools. 

Is Superhuman 2.0 AI legit?

Superhuman AI receives around 2 million visitors every month and has received praise and positive feedback from its users. It’s also trusted by notable companies, further bolstering its legitimacy.

Is Superhuman 2.0 AI available for mobile phones?

Superhuman AI is available on both iPhone & Android devices. You can download its app from the Apple Store and Google’s Play Store respectively.

According to Superhuman, how much time can users save each week?

Superhuman claims users can save more than 4 hours every week. This significant time-saving allows individuals and teams to focus on high-priority tasks and take new initiatives.

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