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Repurposly AI is a content recycling tool that extracts ideas from existing content to generate new, innovative concepts. It uses AI to reinterpret and simplify the original materials, such as blog posts, videos, and podcasts into engaging and relatable content.

The platform ensures consistent and effective marketing messages pass through each platform boosting reach and search engine visibility for any brand.

It saves time and effort by allowing you to simply enter your blog post link or video to turn it into the desired content. Content creators, bloggers, startups, and social media agencies can efficiently repurpose content with the help of Repurposly AI.

Repurposly offers different pricing tiers with few advanced features and limitations:

  • Free Plan: Free, 10 generations using GPT-3.5
  • Growth: $19 per month, 50 generations using GPT-4
  • Premium: $29 per month, 100 generations using GPT-4
  • Elite: $99 per month, 300 generations using GPT-4

Features and Benefits of Repurposly

Repurposly AI has the following core features:

Blog Post to Podcast Ideas: Input blog link to get related podcast ideas. It streamlines the process of repurposing written content into audio format.

Blog to Infographic Ideas: By entering a blog URL, you can generate 10 amazing infographic ideas for social media or to use within your blog. It simplifies the process of creating pleasing visual content.

Video to Blog Content Ideas: This feature allows you to upload your video and turn it into 10 related blog post ideas. It facilitates the repurposing of video content into written format.

Blog or Video to Email Campaign: This tool molds blog or video content into 10 email ideas for nurturing campaigns and making email marketing efforts effective.

Blog Link or Video to Lead Magnet Ideas: Users can obtain lead magnet ideas related to the content. 

Podcast to Blog Post: By uploading any podcast, core ideas of the audio can be extracted into 10 blog post ideas, including headlines and main keywords.

Blog Link or Video to 10 Related Social Media Ideas: Users can get 10 unique social media content ideas for Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn by entering a blog URL or video. This uplifts social media content creation and engagement.

Video to 30-Day LinkedIn Post Strategy: With this feature, you can turn any video into a 30-day LinkedIn post strategy. 

How Repurposly Works

Step 1: To use Repurposly, upload or put the link of existing content into the tool to generate new content ideas.

Step 2:  Here’s how Repurposly can be used for specific content repurposing needs.

Turning blog posts into lead magnets: Use the “Blog Link or Video to 10 Related Lead Magnet Ideas” feature to generate lead magnet ideas from your blog posts.

Creating social media content from videos: Utilize the “Blog Link or Video to 10 Related Social Media Ideas” feature to create social media content from your videos.

Generating video ideas from existing content: Use the “Video to 10 Related Video Ideas” feature to generate new video ideas from your existing videos.

Step 3: Finally, customize the content if needed and paste it where you want to publish it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Repurposly AI legit? 

Yes, Repurposly is a legit tool, it effectively alters old content into new and engaging content.  

Is Repurposly AI useful?

Content creators who need to efficiently repurpose content may find Repurposly AI helpful as it provides content ideas and a 30-day content plan.

Can I use Repurposly for free?

Yes, Repurposly offers a free plan with content generation using GPT-3.5. The plan is limited to a few features like a video and blog summary generator, related post idea generator, and title generator.

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