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Category: Content Writer
Pricing: Paid
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Launched: 2022-09-01
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Content at Scale AI helps you detect and refine AI-generated content, making it more natural and authentic. It utilizes multiple AI algorithms to analyze and rewrite sentences while preserving originality and quality. 

Founded by Justin McGill and his team, with years of experience in content, marketing, and SEO, Content at Scale launched in September 2022. Their free-to-use content detection tool claims to have an accuracy of around 98%. Additionally, they claim to generate over 50M SEO words every month.  

The tool offers a monthly pricing plan starting from $49, which includes unlimited AI detection scans and 25,000 undetectable AI words. Note that unused credits do not roll over each month.

Users appreciate Content at Scale’s multi-engine approach, which makes it more effective. However, some users have reported issues with the tool occasionally misidentifying human-written content as partially AI-generated.

Content at Scale AI is suitable for bloggers, content writers, educators, and anyone who wants to ensure the originality of their content.

Features and Benefits of Content at Scale AI

Multi-Engine Detection: Content at Scale uses multiple AI engines and algorithms to enhance accuracy in identifying AI-generated text.

Detailed Analysis: The tool provides an overall probability evaluation and color-codes sentences based on their likelihood of being AI-generated (green, yellow, orange, red).

Sentence-by-Sentence Breakdown: The rewrite assistant pinpoints flagged content and gives required suggestions to improve natural flow and human probability.

Content Rewriting: AI-powered rewriting allows users to enhance the originality of flagged content without any human effort.

Personalized AI Generation: Content at Scale generates content in the unique and personalized voice of a content writer.

How to Use Content at Scale AI 

Step 1: To use the AI tool, first sign up and create an account on the Content at Scale platform. 

Step 2: After logging in, start a new project for whatever content you need. Then, add content to your project’s queue, which tells Content at Scale AI what to create for you.

Step 3: Once the AI has generated your content, review and edit it to make sure it meets your standards. Also, run AI detection and plagiarism scans to ensure originality. 

If you’re working with WordPress, Content at Scale AI allows you to import your content directly into your WordPress site for easy publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Contentatscale AI legit?

The Contentatscale AI is a legit platform with over 900k traffic every month. And currently, they generate around 50M SEO words every month.

Is Contentatscale AI useful?

Contentatscale AI can be useful for identifying potentially AI-generated content and provides rewriting suggestions to improve originality. However, a few users found that its average detection score was lower compared to another AI detection tool.

Can I create a Contentatscale AI free account?

You can create a Contentatscale AI free account to use its AI detector tool. But for more features, you need to purchase its premium plans.